WASH-ing for mamas

2 thoughts on “WASH-ing for mamas”

  1. I have witnessed the positive impact of secure, sanitary and available latrines in Kenya. Investing in this “unsexy” problem will provide an exponential return for a relatively low outlay of funds. Women in particular are the chief beneficiaries of improving latrines. When our small charity built new and latrines at a rural Kenyan primary school the regular attendance of girls rose dramatically. A surprising by-product was the impact on the whole school community. The teaching and admin staff were happier and we were able to attract and retain better personnel. Keep on keeping on with your important work Taylor.

    1. Thanks Bette Anne! I love that this is something you’ve worked on and seen the impact of in your efforts in Kenya. You’re right that it’s unsexy, but it’s also so practical and the ROI is huge, so I think funders will see that as well. Stay well! Hugs, Taylor

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