Mothers, microenterprise, mountains, music, and Malawi

10 thoughts on “Mothers, microenterprise, mountains, music, and Malawi”

  1. I love your updates and miss your face! So, so happy you are finding your experiences to be everything you dreamed and then some.

  2. Please don’t feel guilty at having time off and seeing some more of the beautiful continent of Africa. As you say, it gave you time to reflect, but also recharge your batteries. It would be wasting an opportunity if you didn’t use this time to have fun, enjoy life and explore! You deserve it – and will be able to work better for it …..x

    1. You’re so sweet Caroline…and I’m touched that you’re following my blog! And you are completely right, though it still gives me a second thought occasionally.. xo

  3. Love Love Love this! You’re pictures are stories are amazing! Keep it up my friend! You’re living the dream! I miss you!

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