The first two weeks

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  1. Fascinating, fun and important! Thank you for sharing your experience. Living vicariously thru you. xx

    Keep em coming Taylor! I especially want to hear more of your cultural observations. I suspect you and Mary stole the bride’s spotlight in those gorgeous “invitation” outfits!! Did you get to keep them?

    Ps: how much do the privacy curtains cost?

    1. Thanks Bette Anne!! SO nice to hear from you. Yes, we actually bought those awesome outfits for the wedding, which really just consist of a big piece of fabric wrapped tightly around our bodies and then tied with a gold sash. So now that fabric is serving as my bed spread. 🙂 Honestly, I have no sense what the hospital privacy curtains cost, but I will look into it and get back to you. Stay tuned!!

  2. Love you t! It looks beautiful there! I LOVE the pic of you in the formal wedding attire! Keep it coming! I loved everything about this post

    1. I agree with Demetira!!

      Thanks for sharing, Tay. I would say that I’m sorry there is so much heavy stuff to process but I know that’s all part of why you’re there and very important–looking forward to hearing your insight. <3

      1. Yay, Katherine! Thanks for reading and for your note! I hope all is well. Stay tuned for more updates from my end. xoxoxo

  3. Sounds amazing so far, T! I’ve been loving your pictures too. Keep em coming! Love you and miss you xoxoxo

  4. Taylor! So good to hear that you’ve finally had the chance to settle in a bit. Please let me know if you’d ever like to commiserate over grant proposals, donor tracking, or any other fundraising/development issues – I’m certainly still learning myself, but having the opportunity to learn from the LMH team around me has been hugely helpful! Of course, I’d also just love to hear about your life in general (:


    1. Carly! Thank you, my dear. So good to hear from you. We should definitely chat about how things have been going so far. I’d also love to hear how you’re doing overall. Send me a FB message!! xoxo

  5. Wow Taylor, Thanks for the post. I now have a better understanding of the enormous task that lays in front of you. I love you and look forward to more posts in your blog. Dad

  6. Brilliant! Happy to share this journey with you.. Let’s change the face of maternal and child health in Uganda and beyond!

  7. Just what you wanted to do. So pleased to see it come true (and in living color). Keep them coming. Steve

  8. Love hearing about the wonderful people of Uganda and the great work you are doing. Keep sharing your journey. Monica

  9. Sorry I’m late to the party! I’m so excited for you to have this adventure & to get the opportunity to contribute good things! (In Hebrew it’s called “Tikkun Olam”… repairing/healing the world)
    Miss you snail! Xoxox, Lu

  10. Taylor-
    Thank you (so much) for leaving it all behind and risking everything to make the world a better place. And for sharing your journey with us.
    Uncle Jerry

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